The Galactic Gallery is an aesthetically driven Virtual Reality Art Gallery which explores intersections between traditional art and new media. It’s a fully immersive experience using the HTC VIVE and OCULUS VR platforms. Special treatments and effects have been applied so that the art is interactive and can only be viewed in this medium. 

The experience takes you on a journey with art from the world’s top visionary artists featuring Android Jones, Mars-1, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Xavi, Raul Casillas, Luke Brown, Amanda SageHans Haveron, and Simon Haiduk. Over the past year and a half, Galactic Gallery beta was presented at Comic-Con, Burning Man, VRLA, Art & VR (SF), Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Bicycle Day (SF), Los Angeles Brewery Art Walk, Eclipse Festival, and many others.

Zach Krausnick: Visual and technical design on the project.
David Starfire: Co-conceptual designer, music composer, and sound design.